More WP Development

I’m working on another new site using WordPress, this one is only a few pages and I’m using Thematic as a theme which comes highly recommended by the SEO guys. I’ve made good progress and I should be able to build the site out to a level where my client can view it and request changes and adjustments soon. I’ve switched the blog feature to the news page and that will act as news feed for them, once they are happy and have launched the site I think that it will work well.

Quotes for Design Work

I’ve just completed another quote for a client, this is re-devlopment work to an exsisting website. I did not build the site so I went in not knowing what the website was like. The process made me think of a few things I always try and do around quoting for work which I can pass on:

1. Dont feel obliged to quote over the phone, go away and think about the work and your price.

2. Gather the client’s requirements and stick to them, its ok to suggest alternative ways of completing the work and other options.

3. If the requirements or your solution are unclear go back to the client and ask questions to resolve this before submitting your quote.

4. Work out your price based on your per day or hourly rate, double check your allocated time against your price.

5. Submit your quote in good time, include an approximate time frame for when the work can be started.

6. Make sure that everything is clear to the client and that they understand your quote and what they are commissioning.

7. Follow up with your client in good time, if you didnt get the job try to get feedback for next time.

8. Good luck!

Building a new website

I felt pretty inspired after yesterday’s presentation and I have been working on my new website this morning which is now live >> adurdesign << The theme (weaver v2.2.6) is working well and because my page mockups were based on only slight css adjustments the live site is pretty close already. I’ve still got a way to go with lots of css, jquery, content work and bringing this blog into the new site but today was a good start.