Quotes for Design Work

I’ve just completed another quote for a client, this is re-devlopment work to an exsisting website. I did not build the site so I went in not knowing what the website was like. The process made me think of a few things I always try and do around quoting for work which I can pass on:

1. Dont feel obliged to quote over the phone, go away and think about the work and your price.

2. Gather the client’s requirements and stick to them, its ok to suggest alternative ways of completing the work and other options.

3. If the requirements or your solution are unclear go back to the client and ask questions to resolve this before submitting your quote.

4. Work out your price based on your per day or hourly rate, double check your allocated time against your price.

5. Submit your quote in good time, include an approximate time frame for when the work can be started.

6. Make sure that everything is clear to the client and that they understand your quote and what they are commissioning.

7. Follow up with your client in good time, if you didnt get the job try to get feedback for next time.

8. Good luck!


WP Themes

Just looking at the options for a new WP theme, I’ve started to design my new website…

Bunker Abstract

Here is a close-up of a ww2 bunker that is close to my local beach, its quite a small bunker and has been left pretty much intact apart from the front being blocked up.

Abstract of ww2 bunker

The close-up makes a good abstract shape, this area is part of the entry doorway and I like the way the shadow falls on the and the angles created.

Beach Hut Art

These photos are from the local row of beach huts, I was attracted to the patterns in the weathering of the huts and how the salt air corrodes the structures.

Paint detail

I love the way that they have been effected by the environment, nature taking its course and hammering the paint and steel, life by the sea!

Peeling paint work


Beach hut photos

Just been taking some more pics on my local beach, got some more photos of the beach huts there. Seems strange that they are all painted white or very light in colour. But I think that the owners are obliged to do that by the council, seems a shame that they can’t paint them as they want as that usually results in a really bright collection of colour. Anyway, will post some pics tomorrow, the weathering looks good!

Up the Wolves!

AJS (Wolverhampton)

AJS built in Wolverhampton

I saw this example of a classic motorbike made by AJS of Wolverhampton, it was so well made and probably state of the art about 100 years ago! It still looked cool with it’s classic lines, silver trim and it’s black paint job though.

Wolves win the FA Cup!

Wolves win the FA Cup

Yes I know that its hard to believe with the current performance but here is the evidence (and the camera doesnt lie) this is from when the boys bought the cup home in 1960 when the final ended Wolves 3-0 Blackburn Rovers.