MA Presentations

Just doing our presentations for the start of our web and online projects. I’ve made a presentation which outlines my work, it was an interesting process thinking through the project and putting it all together.


Web Mock Ups

Have been back from France for a few days now and I have been working on my mockups today for the new Adur Design website. I’m designing the pages with a view to the wordpress build, I’ve used screen grabs to get a feel of how the final pages will look. I think that bending the carousel plugins will be a challenge but not too bad. Its just a question of getting the right plugin which fits the spec as closely as possible.

Bunker Abstract

Here is a close-up of a ww2 bunker that is close to my local beach, its quite a small bunker and has been left pretty much intact apart from the front being blocked up.

Abstract of ww2 bunker

The close-up makes a good abstract shape, this area is part of the entry doorway and I like the way the shadow falls on the and the angles created.